Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Questions and answers:

Day 1
1) How does Greg feel about writing a diary?
2) What are the reasons Greg agreed on writing his diary?
3) What is Greg's opinion on the seating in class?
4) Why sitting next to girls does not seem a very nice option to Greg?

1) Greg hates to write a diary. He wanted his mother to buy him a journal. This is his mom’s guilt that it is called “diary”. He hates it, because now he must to be safe not showing this diary. If his brother ever finds out he’s scrubbing toilets instead of Greg, Greg’s dead. But from other side he likes that. Because of writing the diary he doesn’t have to do other chores on Saturdays.

2) If he writes a little bit each day he is dismissed of one shore on Saturdays. He also agreed to do that because when he’s rich and famous he’ll have better things to do, than answer people’s stupid questions all day long.

3) Greg thinks that everyone must to be careful of the place where they sit. If you walk into the classroom and just punk down on any old desks- it’s a problem, because you know the next thing the teacher will say, that these seats are your permanent ones.

4) Greg doesn’t like to sit near the girls, because one of them always asks to pass the letter to another girl. And they don’t let you copy off of them, so you need to think by yourself.


Day 2
1) Tell in your own words what happened to Greg on the first day of his summer vocation.

1) On first day of summer vocation Greg was deceived. His brother woke him up and said he had slept all the summer. He also said that he had to go to school, because it was the first day of the school. So Greg got up, got dressed and went to fix some breakfast. Unfortunately it was 3 a.m, so then his dad saw him eating, he started wandering what was going on. Greg told the story to his dad. So they decided to come to Greg’s brother Rodrick and to talk about it. Unfortunately when they came to Rodrick’s room they saw him sleeping.
Now dad thinks that Greg was an idiot and a liar.

Day 3
1) Do you think it would be nice to have Greg in your class? Why? (Consider his behaviour with P.U.)
2) How does Greg feel about his younger brother?


1) I don’t want such a boy as Greg in our class. I know, he’s funny and maybe friendly, but  he often starts everything first and goes wrong. Then there will be many problems with him and other people as well.

2) Greg loves his youngest brother, but he doesn’t like that if his brother Danny finds anything- he destroys it. In the beginning Greg thought that being “big brother” is very good. He thought that he would have to pick on him. But mum and dad protect Danny, so Greg can’t pick on him like he dad to suffer that from Rodrick.

Day 4
1) What's up with the Cheese Touch?
2) Why did Greg tape his fingers?

1) This cheese has been sitting there very long.. It’s musty and moldy. Nobody wants to touch it, but if you do that, you have that Cheese Touch until you pass it on somebody else.

2) Greg taped his fingers because it would be horrible to touch the cheese. It was one of the things he could do that to protect himself. His fingers were taped for the last couple weeks at school.

Day 5
1) Does Greg enjoy Saturdays?
2) Why wasn't his best friend mentioned till this day?

1) Greg tries to enjoy his Saturdays, but his dad wakes up early and disturbs Greg’s sleep. Greg is very angry when it happens. He doesn’t also like that there’s nothing on T.V. after 1:00 p.m. so he has to go to the yard or somewhere else.

2) There is a good reason why Greg doesn’t mention his best friend Rowley till this day. Rowley ticked Greg off on the first day of the school. He asked Greg to come over Rowley’s house to play. Other kids heard it and started call them “nerds”.

Day 6
1) What worries Greg? Why?

1) Greg worries because his dad is interested in Bishop Garrigan High School which is only for boys. Greg thinks that he wouldn’t survive the first day of that school. He wants to learn at school which is not only for boys, but for girls too.

Day 7
1) Does Greg enjoy his mornings before school? Why?
2) How did Greg try to get into his preferred reading group?

1) Greg doesn’t enjoy this morning before school, because his first thought was that today is still summer vocation. He thinks that it’s very bad school’s day start.

2) Greg did his best not to get put in the hard reading group. He did his best to muff up his screening test. He also made sure that he didn’t try to hard on his end of the year essay. That should be enough not to get put in the hard group.

What are your feelings and impressions about this book?

     I really like this book. It was interesting to read. The main character Greg was funny, he was doing funny things. It would be interesting to read more about this funny boy.